Dienstag, 20. September 2011

Standard Time in 9 new shops!

1) Berlin Hamburger Bahnhof
2) Vienna Museumsquartier
3) Köln Museum Ludwig
4) London Whitechapel Art Gallery
5) Stuttgart König
6) München Haus der Kunst
7) Düsseldorf König
8) Dresden Residenzschloss
9) Frankfurt König

And also check out website http://www.foundbyjames.com/ for interesting art/design finds.

Mittwoch, 11. Mai 2011

Freitag, 25. März 2011

Standard Time showing at Essays and Observations / Berlin 26.03-30.04

Standard Time is showing at Essays and Observations / Berlin, Maxstraße 1, 26.03-30.04, exhibition THE MOVING OBJECT

Curator Tommy Støckel has chosen a number of artists “whose practices are essentially sculptural, but who have all, through experiments with film/video, found new ways of expressing their ideas concerning objects and space. The artists in the exhibition use the time-based medium of video in various ways: to document an object’s construction process or to document the movement of an object – or simply by making use of (special) effects that only film/video can offer. All of the artists have chosen to keep their videos fairly simple, allowing the viewer to follow the basic analogue processes and appreciate their results.”

Standard Time showing at the Galerie Baer / Dresden 18.03-21.04

Standart Time is showing at the Galerie Baer / Dresden, 18.03-21.04, exhibition STOP AND GO.

Galerie Baer has chosen several works for this exhibition – films, objects, graphic art, photos – which do not contain (im)patience as an explicit content but which do address our management of time and our timekeeping in different manners and on different associative areas. Various visual strategies and forms of expression reprehend to individual aspects of movement, stagnancy, moment and duration, speed and slowness, the amplitude of events or an absence of events.

Donnerstag, 3. März 2011


Arte hat einen neuen Ableger "Arte Creativ". Eine Plattform für Kunst, Design, Film, Architektur und und und. Von heute an bis zum offiziellen Lounge mit Standard Time auf der
Startseite --> http://creative.arte.tv

Arte TV has a new branch called "Arte Creativ". A portal for art, design, film, achitecture and more. Up from today until the offical lounge on the welcome page! http://creative.arte.tv

Donnerstag, 13. Januar 2011

Standard Time at the Cologne Interior Design Week Passagen 2011

Check out Standard Time at the Cologne Interior Design Week Passagen 2011

Standard Time screensaver for Linux!

Thanks to Standard Time friend Dirk Dodt it is now possible to run Standard Time screensaver also on Linux! Please see his instructions below.

How to set up standardtime by Mark Formanek and datenstrudel as screensaver in gnome (tested with Ubuntu 10.10, written by Dirk Dodt):

* buy the DVD of this amazing art project at
* copy the movie st24.mov from the RESOURCES folder of the DVD to your harddisk (for me this was /home/ddodt/st24.mov, you'll have change the python script accordingly)
* make sure you have mplayer and the needed codecs installed (apt-get install mplayer w64codecs gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly-multiverse gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad-multiverse .. I don't actually know which codec is used)
* create the two files in the locations specified below (you will need superuser rights).
* set the executable bit for the python script (sudo chmod +x /usr/lib/xscreensaver/standardtime.py)
* now, according to what you find on the web, you should be able to go via the start menu to System -> Preferences -> Screensaver and have the new screensaver available. However, in my case, the new screensaver only appeared after removing (apt-get remove gnome-sudoku) some arbitray gnome application and reinstalling it (apt-get install gnome-sudoku). Not sure why this is necessary but it it worked this way on two different machines.
* so finally: go to System -> Preferences -> Screensaver and activate the new screensaver called StandardTime

And here are the files you need to create (the dashes ------- are just for your orientation and don't go into the files)


[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Plays the Standard Time movie by Mark Formanek and

import time
import shlex,subprocess
import os, signal

def handler(signo, stack):
os.kill(mplayer.pid, signal.SIGTERM)

lt = time.localtime()
#use this command_line for the actual screen saver:
command_line = ('mplayer -really-quiet -nosound -nolirc -nostop-xscreensaver -wid'+os.environ['XSCREENSAVER_WINDOW']+' -fs -loop 0 -ss'+str(lt.tm_hour)+':'+str(lt.tm_min)+':'+str(lt.tm_sec)+' /home/ddodt/st24.mov')
#uncomment this comment_line (and disable the above) to test that the script is working (don't forget to chmod +x ):
#command_line = ('mplayer -nosound -nolirc -nostop-xscreensaver -fs -loop 0 -ss '+str(lt.tm_hour)+':'+str(lt.tm_min)+':'+str(lt.tm_sec)+' /home/ddodt/st24.mov')
args = shlex.split(command_line)
print args

mplayer = subprocess.Popen(args)


os.waitpid(mplayer.pid, 0)